Eliott Nicot - Journaliste et alpiniste

Eliott Nicot - Journalist and mountaineer

Eliott has always needed to be in contact with Nature: he is a skier, mountaineer, paraglider. Monitor, soldier but also journalist: he likes to transmit and tell his passion for the wild world.
Refuge des Ecrins

Refuge des Ecrins

Up there, at almost 3200m, we try to welcome you while limiting our impact as much as possible. Short circuit supply, waste recovery and recy...

Sébastien Montaz-Rosset - Guide et réalisateur de film

Sébastien Montaz-Rosset - Guide and film director

I am from the Arcs 1800 resort in Tarentaise, I am 47 years old. Working as a mountain guide and instructor since I was 23, I have always filmed m...

Marion et Manon - Alpinistes

Marion and Manon - Mountaineers

Female pair based in Haute-Savoie. Every two physiotherapists a week, as soon as a small slot is available, we switch: spatulas, crampons, harness...

Jacques Sturm - Alpiniste

Jacques Sturm - Mountaineer

With a versatile, good-natured temperament, I live in the mountains. This universe attracted me from my childhood. Defining myself as a...

Florian Vallati - Aspirant guide de haute montagne

Florian Vallati - Aspiring mountain guide

I was born in Briancon, I am 22 years old, I did high-level alpine skiing until I was 18, before devoting myself fully to the mountains. I am ...

Syndicat National des Guides de Montagne

National Union of Mountain Guides

Alongside the guides, Lagoped is proud to be the official partner of the National Union of High Mountain Guides. “I have deep admiration and i...

Vivien Brenckmann - Médecin et Aspirant Guide

Vivien Brenckmann - Doctor and Aspiring Guide

Vivien is a doctor and aspiring guide. Based in Grenoble, it participates in mountain rescue and wishes to raise awareness of safety among all those practicing outdoor activities.
Des sommets pour rebondir

Summits to bounce back

Des Sommets pour Rebondir is an association whose mission is to enable women facing cancer to participate in mountain activities: ...

Victor Garcin - Alpiniste

Victor Garcin - Mountaineer

Since I was little, I have dreamed of climbing to the top of every mountain. It was my fath...

Groupe Espoir Alpinisme Aquitaine

Espoir Alpinisme Aquitaine Group

The Espoir Alpinisme d'Aquitaine Group of the FFCAM , a group of 8 young people who have recently graduated from Mountaineering an...

Thibault Cattelain - Montagnard

Thibault Cattelain - Mountaineer

I discovered the mountains ten years ago when I left Reunion Island and moved to Grenoble for my studies, through the highline, whi...