Victor Garcin - Mountaineer

Since I was little, I have dreamed of climbing to the top of every mountain.
It was my father who passed on this passion to me by making me climb one by one the peaks of the magnificent Queyras valley where I grew up.
On the slopes since I was very young, I gradually moved towards ski mountaineering, a discipline that I have been practicing at a high level for 5 years now.
When the sunny days arrive, I temporarily put the skis away while I take advantage of the summer season to go on long outings on the peaks that make me dream.
My goal is to succeed in making a living from my passion for the mountains, I am currently passing the DE as an alpine ski instructor and I would subsequently like to obtain that of a high mountain guide. The ideal would also be to be able to continue practicing ski mountaineering at a high level for as long as possible!
I am really happy to be part of the Lagoped family whose values ​​and commitments I completely share. It's a blessing to be able to practice my sport with technical clothing that allows me to climb and ski with ease (and style!) while having as little impact as possible on our environment.