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Better understand our choices of materials, manufacturing, the European Union and all our commitments

Our clothes are inspired by nature

The ptarmigan inspired us. It is a bird the size of a partridge which lives by the thousands in our mountains in Europe and throughout the northern hemisphere. A glacial relic that survived global warming 10,000 years ago and changes the color of its feathers every season.

He invites us to change our habits. He is a discreet and frugal mountain bird who has learned to take only what is necessary.

Lagoped uses recycled materials made in Europe which thus preserve the planet's resources. And we select water-repellent products and membranes that do not contain fluorinated compounds (PFC).

So that we can continue to observe ptarmigans in Nature, we must only leave the imprints of our footsteps.

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made not far away

From yarn to fabric to finalization, everything is made in Europe. Far from the human and environmental disasters linked to uncontrollable manufacturing at the ends of the earth.

Behind each piece, real textile know-how because Europe is the cradle of fashion and mountaineering.

For us, it is a source of pride to remunerate each link in the chain as fairly as possible, to create jobs at each stage of manufacturing.

Fewer kilometers, demanding standards and shared responsibility.

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to last a long time

We guarantee our clothes for five years and offer to repair them. We don't really have a collection: only essentials which are renewed and improved thanks to your feedback. We use locally recycled and recyclable materials.

Far from the planned obsolescence of fashion seasons, we offer you well-thought-out technical pieces. They are made to accompany you for a long time, to be worn, re-worn, repaired, loaned, maintained, worn out.

Live your most beautiful adventures with you.

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We believe that Nature is not a playground or an amusement park. It is always there, we are entirely part of it and it welcomes us for a moment. To respect the fauna and flora, you still need to know it. Knowing that it is there, present and silent, economical and wild. Each of our visits is an incursion into their territory and we want to be able to continue observing them for as long as possible.

Evolving safely in wild spaces is also the result of learning. Our partner guides, guides, instructors and photographers are passionate people who will be happy to share their knowledge with you to help you grow in your practice, gain autonomy and learn safety.

You become responsible actors in your practice and contribute to a better knowledge of natural spaces. In our outdoor activities, we continue to control our impact on Nature.

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