A brand of freedom-loving enthusiasts!

Lagoped was founded in 2018 by mountain enthusiasts who met on the heights of the Alps which they travel in all seasons and at all altitudes: Christophe Cordonnier is a financial engineer turned entrepreneur, Julien Désécures is an engineer turned high mountain guide, and Pierre Derieux is a strategy consultant who became a third-place facilitator.

Together, they have given themselves the mission of putting Nature back at the heart of humans. The snow bird they have often encountered becomes their mentor. He forged the DNA and name of the brand.

This love of time spent in Nature and outdoor activities led them to imagine beautiful, well-designed and responsible clothing.

Today, others have joined them and the community is growing a little more every day.

Free Nature from your clothes!

We couldn't find outdoor clothing that really suited us. They were always made from the exploitation of Nature while talking about preserving it.

We finally figured out how to make the most nature-loving piece of clothing that protects us on all our adventures. Quite simply by not using it to make them:

- organic-free
- wood-free
- animal-free

We still found it crazy to explore nature carrying it on our backs. And recycling seemed to us to be the best way to find ourselves in line with our mountain values:

- Commitment: in the mountains we do not commit lightly to a route and we always weigh the pros and cons
- Freedom: what joy to choose your path and go where our eyes take us
- Sharing: in the rope we share everything, the good and the bad and everyone participates in the success

It seemed so logical to us to manufacture in Europe. Of course to favor short circuits, but above all to defend the European values ​​that are close to our hearts. Our clothes are made by freedom-loving women and men: exclusively in the European Union. And with the best textile artisans in the world.

Using recycled materials allows us to move away from the logic of extracting raw materials. And manufacturing in Europe highlights a formidable territory and a project of peace and sharing much bigger than us.

The awards


The Ispo Awards reward each year the best and most innovative products in the world of sport. They are awarded during the Ispo trade fair held in Munich in 2019.

The Eve Jacket won the 2019 prize
“Gold winner” which rewards the best products of the year.