GEBO STRIPE wool hat

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A very warm and soft cuffed and striped hat made from recycled wool.

Color - Navy
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GEBO STRIPE wool hat

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The technique always

Water repellent


- Hat made from recycled wool spun in France and knitted in Italy.

- Ideal for both mountains and valleys.

- embroidery of the Lagoped logo in tone-on-tone or contrasting wool threads.

- Weight: 65gr


We recognize the GEBO STRIPE hat by:

- its warm wool and softness thanks to double-thread knitting

- its wide ribbed cuff to adjust depending on how you want to wear it

- its funky stripes

- its recycled wool yarns are so much more responsible than conventional wool!

Système de couche

The hat is not a part of the layering system but as we lose a lot of heat through the head it is essential to cover it. Always bring a hat, even in summer, for bivouacs or slightly cool evenings.


We often like to say that we make our mountain clothing with you. Since the creation of Lagoped, we have constantly exchanged with professionals and enthusiasts to improve each piece. To equip yourself as well as possible, always with sustainability in mind. This is how our clothes are made:

The recycled wool yarn is made in France (Tarn) and the knitting and manufacturing are done in Italy. Wool scraps are sorted by color and avoid dyeing. It’s still water saved in addition.

Économie circulaire

To respect the environment and your health, Lagoped does not compromise on anything.

Here we use recycled wool. We fiberize collected pieces of wool. To be able to spin them again, the fibers must be lengthened by the addition of longer fibers, hence the presence of polyamide. The wool comes from a network of recovery of hosiery cutting scraps from major knitters in European countries and the Mediterranean basin.

The recycled wool yarns that make up your hat have on average 95% less impact on the environment than virgin wool yarns.

These yarns have the same characteristics as another yarn made with new fibers, or even better in certain cases, both in terms of breaking resistance (for knitting or weaving) and for the various elongation tests, abrasion, pilling and friction resistance. Your hat will therefore follow you for a (very) long time.


- Recycled wool

- 70% wool, 25% polyamide, 5% other fibers


Like any wool item, you will need to wash your hat cold to prevent the material from shrinking or felting. The best option, if you need to wash it: hand cleaning with a drop of detergent or soap, then drying naturally.


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Impact environnemental
Santé humaine
Ressources naturelles

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