Bertrand Delapierre - Mountaineer director

At the end of my engineering studies in composite materials, I turned around and decided to make a living from my passion: images. I live in the middle of the mountains and I feel the desire to transmit this love of “high places” to the general public. I practice a lot of discipline above my home, in the Mont Blanc massif. Among my companions, my friend Marco Siffredi (future first Everest snowboarder) with whom I share a passion for snowboarding and outings at high, even very high, altitudes. It takes up a large part of my schedule because the “star” is so motivated. After his death, my activity focused a lot on skiing, particularly through the cinema film “ La Nuit de la Glisse ” shot on film.
I produce a lot of varied outdoor images : climbing, mountaineering, free flying, cycling... I strive to follow athletes as close as possible to the action and try to transcribe their motivations, their 'feeling' into their practice.
I develop a cinematographic practice on many walls around the world, often with models of a high technical level. You have to progress quickly so that the photographer or camera operator is almost “invisible” to the subject being filmed.
I had the chance to rope up with some great mountaineering stars, Profit, Destivelle, Lynn Hill, Arnaud Petit or more recently Daudet, Steck or Chris Sharma.
These films often take me to new places, the largest northern faces of the Alps and distant expeditions; I regularly board explorer boats where adventure is always there: ¾ of the planet is covered in water so this increases the range of possibilities!
But many subjects interest me and I also direct my subjects towards scientific and environmental fields : the people of the image are “smugglers” and must contribute to this defense of nature: my job takes me to fabulous territories that must be preserved. And Lagoped is on the right track!