Espoir Alpinisme Aquitaine Group

The Espoir Alpinisme d'Aquitaine Group of the FFCAM , a group of 8 young people who have recently graduated from Mountaineering and Ice Climbing Initiators, united by the same motivation and an unquenchable thirst for adventure, discovery, learning and sharing a same passion.
Guided by a high mountain professional (Jean-Pierre Lefloch) and a federal instructor (André Vignot), we joined this group with the aim of sharing our common passion for the mountains. This experience is for us, I think, an incredible and undoubtedly unforgettable opportunity: because being part of the Espoir Group means living a common adventure, with enthusiasts who introduce us to all aspects of mountain sports and the young people of our age who share our love for these practices.
The activities of the hope group (ice climbing, ski touring, climbing, adventure playground, etc.) aim to make us practice these different sports in order to progress and acquire a good level in these areas. Whether in the Pyrenees or the Alps, during unforgettable courses or races, we also learn the different techniques of progression and safety in this sometimes hostile environment that is the mountain. Climbing in the lead, leading a rope, securing a belay, belaying the second, spotting dangers, analyzing a situation, making the right decisions, knowing how to turn around, abseiling, these are all techniques and thoughts that we learn within the group and that we practice in order to master them perfectly and to be able to pass them on in our turn later.
Being part of the Lagoped family is a source of great pride for us: giving meaning to our adventures, embarking on a sustainable path and with full awareness and respect for the mountain environment, nature and its biodiversity! We want to share our passion and this is what we learn by training with the group's professionals, and Lagoped allows us to give meaning to this passion and connect it with concrete values ​​which are essential to our eyes in today's modern mountaineering.
A passion, a united group and a shared motivation... Happiness!