Thibault Cattelain - Mountaineer

I discovered the mountains ten years ago when I left Reunion Island and moved to Grenoble for my studies, through the highline, which was just developing at the time. Being then roommate with a videographer and photographer friend, I also discovered at this time the pleasures and mysteries of audiovisual.
In just a few years, I discovered mountaineering, large rock routes, route openings, ski touring, ice climbing, parachutes, paragliding, etc. and quickly found myself in a world that suits me perfectly: the Mountain. From daily joys that we share with gentleness to the craziest and most extraordinary projects.
A single course of action: live in the mountains and share them, live happily.
Today, although a teacher and researcher (physiology / motor control), I professionalize myself in the production of mountain films and artistic films, and in the realization of mountain projects: expeditions and travels, explorations and discoveries without limits , sharing and exchanges, making adventure films or documentaries…
On a daily basis, you will rarely hear me talk about performances... The most important thing in my eyes is the present moment and the joy of living my passions, and sharing them.
In this state of mind, I am very involved in Isère in training young people in mountaineering and mountain activities (co-responsible for the Isère Young Mountaineering Teams of the FFCAM), as well as in general public events which promote and make the mountain accessible, while respecting its beauty, its singularity and its existence (Grand Parcours de la Bérarde, etc.)
I am very happy and very proud to be part of this beautiful Lagoped family, which in my eyes conveys essential values ​​in today's world, a rich and magnificent state of mind, oriented on freedom, respect and sharing.
Well beyond wearing high-quality technical clothing that respects our ecosystem, it is a real pleasure for me to participate every day in a healthy and meaningful approach: sharing our joys, living freely in our choices , live respectfully and in harmony with our environment.