Julia Roger-Veyer - Mountaineering photographer

Originally from Paris, I had the chance to spend all my vacations in the mountains. As soon as I was able to leave the city, I moved to Chamonix and I have now been living at the foot of the peaks for 14 years. I never tire of this magical place within sight.
I first tried the path of first aid gendarme by returning to the PGHM in Chamonix as an assistant gendarme for 5 years, then following an injury I retrained as a nurse. I graduated 4 years ago.
I started photography with my grandfather when I was a teenager. I had this attraction to photography very early on and I always carried around a small camera in the mountains, which was not very efficient at the time. I trained through my outings in the mountains and by drawing inspiration from the work of great photographers like Jean-François Hagenmuller and Mario Colonel.
I seriously got into photography 4 years ago and I now work as an outdoor photographer, alongside my job as a nurse.
Above all, I like the play of light, the atmospheres and the texture of rock, snow, ice. And that's what I try to convey through my images. The variety and richness that our planet offers us, but also the women and men who travel to the summits.
I really like this quote which really describes how I feel when I take photos: “Photography is an unreflected moment, suspended in a split second that leaves you thinking”. Book Chimera Catcher -Donnadieu Rémy.
Capturing a fleeting moment to try to transmit this moment and leave a trace of it.
Super happy to be part of the "Lagoped family", a brand that adapts to the environment by controlling its impact and not the other way around. A beautiful motto "for the reintroduction of Nature into Humans", which should inspire us all.
I like this “totem” animal, the ptarmigan. Even if I don't practice wildlife photography, when I take photos I must constantly adapt: ​​to the environment, to the climatic conditions, to the people, to the elements... Remain discreet, blend into the environment...
Hoping to make you dream through my photos and give you inspiration to capture, in your memory and perhaps in photos, your next adventures!