Jacques Sturm - Mountaineer

With a versatile, good-natured temperament, I live in the mountains. This universe attracted me from my childhood.

Defining myself as an enlightened practitioner, I share my passion with my profession, by taking care of field tests for a young and promising French brand of technical mountain equipment.


This world of research and development leads me to meet incredible people from whom I draw my inspiration and with whom I learn to consider another model of development, closer to nature.

Without forgetting the realities of our generation and future generations, I try to be part of a virtuous cycle on a daily basis by reducing my impact on the planet as much as possible.


Lagoped is part of this eco-design approach, demonstrating that it is possible to do things differently, locally, with little impact, which is what attracted me to understand its values.


Supported in my daily professional and sporting life, Lagoped accompanies and inspires me.