Pierre-Louis Cret - Freerider

Hi, I'm Pierre-Louis, I'm 22 years old, and I do Freeride.

I grew up in La Grave, a legendary Freeride spot known all over the world.
La Grave is not only a ski resort, but a 100% off-piste area which offers plenty of skiing possibilities, whether on steep slopes, ski touring, ski mountaineering or simple Freeride descent.

That's where I fell in love with the mountains and more specifically with skiing.

In the heart of the Ecrins in the Hautes-Alpes, it is the ideal playground for the different sports that I practice (skiing, climbing, ice climbing, mountain biking, etc.).

It is this unique universe that opened the doors to off-piste skiing for me, which I have been practicing since I was very young, thanks in particular to my father, a mountain guide.

On skis since I was 4 years old, I have always wanted to continue learning and
perfect to finally make Freeride my specialty. I was also part of the La Grave sports club until I was 15, where I perfected my skills in slalom.

I have since worked in a sports store in La Grave where I can continue my Freeride practice and participate in competitions (Derbies, FWQ).

I also devote as much time as possible to preparing for the mountain guide diploma.