La Grave BB, a story of the Lagoped Family

For several years now, I have been thinking about telling a story.

That of a way of life, or an atypical way of living: the Skibum spirit.

But then what does that mean?

With a childhood spent on skis, on the legendary Glaciers de la Meije cable car area, I was able to meet real SkiBums up close.

In fact, I think that everyone has a part of SkiBum in them, and if we had to summarize this way of living, I would say that it is the desire to ride as much as possible, even if it means putting aside one's material comfort or financially for a ski season.

So there is a big difference between those who will spend their winter in their truck with a minimum of showers, and those who find a balance between work and skiing in the winter.

Yet it is this same passion (the famous Freeride) that drives these people.

To talk about all this, I found that the best way was a film.

Based on this idea, I contacted Pierre Petit, professional director and lover of La Grave to help me with this project.

I am very excited by the idea that Pierre is taking the project under his wing, and is fully involved in the filming and production of the film. Despite a cruciate ligament rupture in January 2023!!

The project is progressing and the first version of the film will be finished in summer 2023!

It is finally after around ten versions that we can present the final version of the film.

This one will therefore be a dive into the world of La Grave, through authentic characters, in an incredible environment!

La Grave BB Film Pierre Louis Cret

The short summary:


“I would like to highlight our group of young Freeride skiers, from La Grave, who take their winter to enjoy skiing and the mountains.

A particular way of life, on the lookout for the best skiing conditions, even if it means putting a dent in our bank accounts.

But we are not inventing anything, we are indeed inspired by the “ski bums” of several years ago who took their winter to ride, putting aside their material comfort!

An intergenerational film therefore, where all the protagonists come together around the same passion: Freeride skiing. »

A word from Pierre Petit (director of the film)

“The members of this group of young locals are united by an unwavering friendship. Their parents are all invested in local life.

Pierre Louis Cret, known as Pilou (24 years old) has decided to devote his winter to his physical preparation and intends to take the first tests for the High Mountain Guide diploma.

His brother, Alexis, an ambulance driver, sometimes comes home at night to jump into his ski boots and join him on the cable car footbridge.

Tommy Philippe, co-president of the Derby with his brother, is a carpenter. His parents handed over management of the Chancel refuge to them.

Leeloo Haase (22 years old), now assists her father Didi, at the Snowlegend shop, which takes care of guides and clients for freeride outings in the Vallons de la Meije area


These young people ski in all conditions. Here the “Vallons” are completely off-piste, and you have to navigate in an unmarked and unsecured area. Numerous routes, corridors and hikes will outline your winter projects. The “elders” have an eye on them and watch them go skiing, happy.


Bruno Florit runs the Ski Extrem store. Seduced by this “Gaul” village, experiencing the dichotomy of the harshness of the place compared to the arrival in the 90s of sliders in search of pure pleasures. He moved there 20 years ago. A skier himself, he talks about the evolution of the practice and the search for pure pleasures.

Petor is one of them; a living legend here. Ski bum, he arrived from the US in the 90s in the fun freeride movement, to get involved in the making of the film “Vallée X” which will contribute to the creation of the myth of this incredible place for freeride.

Joe Vallone, the American, another freeride legend, plans to take Pilou this winter to the "Y", one of the most challenging corridors in the area.

Jean Louis Arneault, Canadian snowboarder, is an excellent snowboarder. He is also one of these “foreigners” who came for the myth and who have settled down. With Pilou, they trudge along the ridges looking for new lines to trace. The passion for skiing and this ever-igniting philosophy of life impresses young people.

La Grave BB Film Pierre Louis Cret

Through impromptu encounters, memories, and anecdotes, we immerse ourselves in the daily lives of these young people.”

Here is the viewing link, hope you like it!

Signed: Pilou

LaGraveBB_Film from Meije Productions on Vimeo .