SUPARIDE Men's freeride ski pants

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“I used the Suparide pants all winter in France and Alaska and they are a real pleasure to climb up and down in them.” Tiphaine - High mountain guide.

Color - Bleu Roi
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SUPARIDE Men's freeride ski pants

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The technique always

Water repellent


- Adjustable straps

- Waist closure with a snap button

- 1 zipped belt pocket

- 1 zipped cargo pocket

- Phone/DVA safety hook loop in the cargo pocket

- 2 zipped side ventilations

- Gaiters

- Ski-crampon edge protectors

- Seams sealed with heat-sealed strips

- YKK© Aquaguard Coil© 5mm hydrophobic zip pockets

- High UV-resistant color dye, so you don't have a faded jacket after a few seasons.

- Waterproofing 20,000 Schmerber

- Weight: 700gr


We recognize the SUPARIDE pants by:

- its high "half-bib" waist which covers the waist up to the first ribs and its straps.

- its margin cut which gives maximum ease when going up and down and when snowboarding.

- its side ventilation to avoid heatstroke when climbing

- its superpowers: 100% waterproof (20K), windproof and breathable thanks to the Sympatex membrane©.

Système de couche

Did you know ? The ptarmigan - our totem animal - changes its plumage depending on the seasons. It turns white in winter to escape predators and increases the fluffiness of its feathers to avoid cold spells.

The SUPARIDE pants are inspired by this: they play the role of the last layer, the one that protects from wind and rain, without sacrificing breathability... And therefore comfort.

To enjoy your favorite activity whatever the weather, here's the basics: layers.

1- The first layer, called internal, must be breathable, to guide perspiration towards the outside of the garment.

2- The intermediate layer is insulating, it helps retain heat.

3- the outer layer protects from bad weather: waterproof, breathable, windproof. It is to this last category that SUPARIDE belongs.

By building your outfit based on this system, you gain comfort and versatility. During exercise, you can remove the intermediate layer and then put it back on. In short, multi-layering is the basis.


We often like to say that we make our mountain clothing with you. Since the creation of Lagoped, we have constantly exchanged with professionals and enthusiasts to improve each piece. To equip yourself as well as possible, always with sustainability in mind. This is how our clothes are made:

- Lagoped fabric is made up of 3 different layers that are only a few millimeters thick when assembled.

- The outer thread is Italian (from recycled plastic bottles), the weaving and dyeing are carried out in Ardèche.

- The membrane is a polyester made in Europe from scraps of recycled membranes (pre-consumer).

- The inner layer is a very very fine Italian knit, made from recycled yarn.

- The water-repellent without fluorinated compounds is made in Germany.

The three layers are combined in Austria, before assembling the jacket in Poland. Which makes it a European product - a small feat for such a technical garment.

Économie circulaire

To respect the environment and your health, Lagoped does not compromise on anything.

- 100% recyclable membrane

- Polyether-ester harmless to health

- PTFE-free

- Bluesign® approval (membrane, laminates, sealing strips)

- Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification

- Fluorocarbon-free water-repellent treatment (Bionic-Finish®Eco) (PFC-free)

- Free from perfluorinated hydrocarbons

- Fully recyclable laminates

- Fully recyclable top and supports


- 3-layer fabric 100% recycled Polyester (r-PET)

- Recycled Sympatex Pyester membrane (r-PET)20k – RET<14

- Polyurethane (PU) sealing strip

- Water-repellent without fluorinated compounds (PFC-free)


The SUPARIDE pants are machine washable inside out, with the zips closed at 30°, regular detergent (not too much, and eco-friendly is a plus) and without fabric softener.

She prefers gentle spinning and abundant rinsing. Once the garment has air dried on a hanger, you can put it in the dryer for 10-15 minutes (but no more) by choosing a synthetic program. This will reactivate the water-repellent treatment which is initially applied by coating and polymerization, and therefore by heating it.

Unfortunately, like us, water repellency does not last forever and fades over time. Useour sprayspecific without PFC to reactivate it.


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Lagoped guarantees

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