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Product & Care

Are your technical jackets waterproof?

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Yes it is waterproof!

For our technical clothing, we use the Sympatex membrane. On this link you will find the explanation of how it works in video. It is a “full” membrane and does not have “holes” (pores). You have to imagine a plastic film (a bit like cling film) sandwiched between 2 fabrics. The hydrophobic outer fabric and the hydrophilic inner fabric to facilitate the absorption of humidity and evacuation to the outside by pressure differential.

Breathability is ensured by the fineness and internal structure of the membrane. The membrane is waterproof to 20,000 Schmerber and therefore withstands high external water pressure. All seams are sealed with heat-sealed strips inside the jacket.

How to maintain water repellency?

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A chemical product is applied to the outer fabric of technical clothing which will ensure a certain “water repellency”: water rolls off the outer fabric and its penetration into the fabric is delayed.

At lagoped, we use a water-repellent that does not contain fluorinated compounds (PFCs) which are endocrine disruptors. This water-repellent does not completely stop the water that manages to penetrate the outer fabric: because at Lagoped, it is the membrane which stops the water.

Due to the refusal to use PFCs in our water-repellent products, the outer fabric of our jackets gets wet when it rains more than a few drops. To maintain the water-repellency of your jacket or pants, you can use the PFC-free water-repellent product from the NST brand available here . And it is even recommended to do it when the fabric gets wet too quickly in the rain.

We recommend applying the water-repellent product to your clothing while it is still wet (but wrung out) after washing. You put it on a hanger that you hang on a support and you use the spray from a distance of 15CM. This way you can see exactly where you are applying the water-repellent product. Then you let it air dry. Once the garment is dry, you can put it in the dryer for around fifteen minutes to better fix the water-repellent product through a polymerization effect.

How do I wash my technical clothing?

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Machine wash inside out at 30° with zips closed, as infrequently and with as little detergent as possible.

No need for fabric softener: technical fabric is not a fan.

Better to dry it in the open air on a hanger (or in the dryer for 10-15 minutes max).

For the membrane, especially no ironing!

No dry cleaning either.

Use specific PFC-free sprays to reactivate water repellency.

Produit & Entretien

Quelles différences entre les vestes EVE et TETRAS ?

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Les vestes EVE et TETRAS ont la même technicité sur l'imperméabilité, l'effet coupe-vent et la respirabilité: c'est la même membrane Sympatex qui est utilisée.

Il y a une différence de prix et de de poids.

Au-delà, les différences sont :

- dans la taille des zips (3mm sur la TETRAS et 5mm sur la EVE)

- l'emplacement / le nombre de poches (poche filet intérieur dans la EVE et poche intérieure),

- ainsi que l'emplacement des ventilations (sous les bras pour la veste Tétras et sur le côté sur la veste EVE).

La veste TETRAS correspond plus à un usage randonnée principalement car elle possède de profondes poches repose main à la différence de la veste EVE qui a 2 poches napoléon au niveau de la poitrine et est mieux adaptée au ski de randonnée.

Mais vous pouvez utiliser aussi bien l'un ou l'autre modèle en hiver.

Le choix se résume au final à la disposition des poches, les couleurs disponibles très différentes entre chaque modèle, et le tarif.

La matière de la veste EVE est beaucoup plus souple que le Gore Tex et n'a pas l'effet craquant. Le tissu extérieur de la veste EVE est un sergé qui est plus souple que celui de la veste Tétras qui est une toile. Mais dans les 2 cas, c'est beaucoup moins craquant que le Gore Tex et c'est aussi pour cela que les guides que nous équipons apprécient travailler avec nos vestes sur le dos.


What are the payment options available ?

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We accept payment by credit card and via Paypal. Payments are secure and we do not see or store your card numbers or other payment methods.

Can I modify/cancel my order?

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Of course, anyone can make a mistake or change their mind. Send us a message via chat ("chat with us!) or contact form and we will correct your order.

Delivery & Returns

How long will it take for me to be delivered?

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We offer 2 types of delivery:

- Colissimo: allow 2 to 3 days. Less if you are near Annecy because our warehouse is located there

- Chronopost: delivery within 24 hours is guaranteed

Any order placed before midnight is shipped the next day.

How do you return an item?

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You can request a returnon this page .

You will need your email and order number which orders by "100".

We will send you a return label to print and stick on the box, then drop it off at the nearest post office.

It is very simple.

How is a refund made in the event of a return?

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No worries about returns. If you wish to return an item to us, you can do so without delay and we will refund the price of the item (excluding any transport costs) via the payment method you initially used. It's simple.

How long do I have to return an item to you?

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You have as much time as you wish to return the unsuitable item to us. From the moment the garment has not been worn and is returned to its original packaging with its labels (because this makes it easier for us to put it back into stock.)

It is because we do not change our collections all the time that we can offer you this flexibility of returns. Our collections are permanent, and it's as good for the planet as it is for you.


How do I have my clothing repaired?

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If you have damaged your clothing, know that they are all repairable. Local seamstresses and tailors can help you.

For technical clothing, we have a partner workshop that can do it correctly and with our fabrics, therefore in the same color.

Simply fill out the form at this link . Prepare your garment information (model/size) and take photos of the problem, this will help us respond to your inquiry better.

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