What are the differences between Gore-Tex© and Sympatex©?

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Lagoped made a strategic and ecological choice by opting for the Sympatex membrane for its waterproof clothing . This choice is based on several fundamental criteria: technical performance, environmental commitment, and alignment with the brand's values ​​of sustainability and ethics. We explain the reasons behind this decision and its implications for consumers and the outdoor industry.

sympatex, A technically efficient waterproof membrane

a completely waterproof membrane

Just like the Gore-Tex membrane, the Sympatex membrane is renowned for its exceptional technical qualities. It offers total waterproofing, optimal breathability and effective windproofing . These features are crucial for clothing for mountaineering, hiking, skiing, etc., which must protect outdoor sports enthusiasts in extreme weather conditions while ensuring maximum comfort.

sympatex waterproof jacket

Produced by Sympatex Technologies GmbH, a German company , the Sympatex membrane guarantees perfect waterproofing thanks to its hydrofilic structure , which repels external water while allowing water vapor (perspiration) to escape. This keeps the body dry, even in pouring rain.

Unlike other waterproof membranes on the market, it is called “full” because it does not have “holes” which are pores. A significant advantage!

It is based on a physico-chemical principle: we can imagine a membrane made up of two fabrics, an exterior fabric which is hydrophobic, it does not like water and prevents it from penetrating, and an interior fabric which is hydrophilic, it loves water and absorbs water vapor generated by body heat and releases it outside.

These absorption and evaporation processes allow the transfer of moisture through the membrane and ensure its breathability. This membrane operates by pressure difference between the internal (body side) and external (external side) face of the membrane. The greater the differences in temperature and humidity, the greater and more effective the breathing effect of the Sympatex membrane will be. It therefore adapts perfectly to different sporting activities and weather conditions.

Additionally, by completely blocking wind, Sympatex helps maintain a stable body temperature, which is essential for outdoor comfort and performance.

sympatex waterproof jacket

what are the differences with the gore-tex membrane?

The Gore-Tex membrane was developed by WL Gore & Associates, an American manufacturer. It is made from expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE), a synthetic polymer. The Gore-Tex membrane is known for its waterproofing, being used in the manufacture of a large number of commercially available waterproof clothing.

This waterproof and breathable membrane is designed to offer protection against bad weather while allowing perspiration to escape. The key to its effectiveness lies in its microscopic pores, which are small enough to prevent the infiltration of liquid water while allowing water vapor molecules to pass through, thus resulting in effective evacuation of body moisture.

However, the pores risk becoming clogged over time , which is not the case with the Sympatex membrane, the functions of which are maintained over the long term.

The presence of PFAS , also known as "perennial pollutants", in clothing equipped with Gore-Tex technology raises growing concerns about sustainability and environmental safety . These chemical substances, used for their water-repellent property, are known for their persistence in the environment and their potential for accumulation in ecosystems and living organisms. Although Gore-Tex clothing provides high-quality weather protection, the presence of PFAS raises questions about their long-term impact on human health and the environment.

With growing awareness of environmental concerns, consumers are increasingly seeking sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives for their outdoor clothing, highlighting the need for innovations in the area of ​​waterproof membranes.

A strong commitment: minimizing the environmental impact of the waterproof membrane

Lagoped and Sympatex share a common vision: that of minimizing the environmental impact of their products. The Sympatex membrane stands out for its ecological approach to production and recyclability.

The Sympatex membrane is made from recycled polyester , which reduces dependence on fossil resources and reduces the carbon footprint. This use of recycled materials aligns perfectly with Lagoped's commitment to sustainability.

sympatex waterproof jacket

Sympatex is 100% recyclable , creating a closed loop where materials can be reused at the end of their life , thereby reducing textile waste. Lagoped integrates this approach into its production cycle, contributing to a circular economy.

The membrane is certified free of PTFE and PFC , chemicals often used in other waterproof membranes but harmful to the environment and human health.

sympatex waterproof jacket
In the mountains, as on the oceans, the Sympatex membrane provides waterproofing to Lagoped clothing. Photos from Solid Rusk production.

shared values: responsibility, sustainability & education

The choice of the Sympatex membrane by Lagoped is not only motivated by technical and environmental criteria, but also by a deep alignment with the ethical values ​​of the brand.

Lagoped advocates total transparency in its manufacturing processes and chooses partners who share this ethic. Sympatex regularly publishes sustainability reports and engages in transparency initiatives , thereby strengthening consumer trust.

By choosing Sympatex, Lagoped supports a community of brands and consumers committed to preserving the environment. Indeed, the brand raises awareness among its customers of the importance of choosing sustainable and responsible products.

Lagoped's choice of the Sympatex membrane for its waterproof clothing is a testament to the brand's commitment to performance, sustainability, and ethics. By combining the technical qualities of Sympatex with a shared vision of environmental responsibility, Lagoped offers its customers products that not only meet the highest outdoor requirements, but which also contribute to the preservation of our planet. This partnership demonstrates how innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand to create high-performance, eco-friendly outdoor clothing.

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