Up there, the air seems so pure, the snow so bright, the speed completely exhilarating, the sensations incomparable. Because Lagoped is designed by mountain enthusiasts and professionals, we understand better than anyone the precise technical needs for skiing or snowboarding. And we know - obviously - the urgent need to protect this space for decades to come. Here, Lagoped gives the floor to its best ambassadors: those who live closest to the summits. Those who choose to wear our products to respect the summits. On track !

The portraits

Le Camp de Base - Bruxelles

Base Camp - Brussels

Base Camp is THE essential climbing gym in Brussels. With a committed team that has carefully thought out the spaces for climbing and the supplies...

Les frères Ternant - Grimpeurs

The Ternant brothers - Climbers

Two twin brothers: Mathieu and Arthur Ternant. Passionate about outdoor sports, and especially climbing.