Zian Perrot-Couttet - Mountaineer

Originally from Chamonix, I have lived since I was little at the foot of these extremely steep mountains.
During my childhood I practiced snowboarding competitively, arriving at the gate of the pole, it was time for me to see something else. So I took my board to the high mountains and that's where the passion was born!
Since then, my practice is based around the steep slope, in the middle of these slopes of snow, ice and rock, I feel at my place, in my element.
At the same time, I am preparing the guide and the gendarmerie competition to join the PGHM in the near future.
I love spending time outdoors and in my free time I take photos of both nature and sports.
I am very happy to have been accepted by the Lagoped Family, making the mountain as green as possible is a conviction!