Martial Carnonaux - Mountaineer

Although I spent my childhood in Île de France, I was hooked on the mountains very early on. I discovered skiing around 3 years old in Vanoise then canyoning around 5 years old in Sierra de Guara / Mont Perdu in the Spanish Pyrenees.
In addition to mountain sports, I have practiced many sports since a young age, my dream was to become a professional tennis player... This wish not having been granted, I have had to satisfy my “bigorexia” by starting out for a few years. years of sporting challenges.
But nothing replaces time spent in the mountains, a source of calm, far from the stress of everyday life. Unique moments of conviviality and shared brotherly love that strengthen the bonds that unite us.
4 years ago, I discovered mountaineering and its sensations which increase the emotions tenfold: this spirit of climbing, this concentration at every moment, this surpassing oneself and the breathtaking landscapes of ice and rocks.. Each time, I reconnect with myself, this allows me to distinguish the important from the accessory once back in the valley.
Following the first period of confinement, I had the chance to complete the Monte Rosa Crossing: Castor, Lyskamm, Signalkuppe, Zumsteinspitze and finally Pointe Dufour! I then felt very privileged to be able to experience these intense moments with my very good friend Cyril who accompanies me in these challenges and our guide.
After a few months of reflection to find the best way to help those who suffer, I launched a new challenge, a major one this time, to climb the 82 peaks over 4000m in the Alps in order to raise funds for the Envol association which organizes adapted stays for seriously ill children. The objective is to collect 50,000 euros per year to finance a one-week stay for 50 children: you can make a donation at this link . All this over a period of approximately 5 years to reconcile professional and family life.
From a human point of view, if I manage through photos and videos from our peaks in the Alps to transmit the emotions that we experience up there to certain sick children and thus share the happiness that pushes us all to practice mountaineering or simply going to the mountains, then my challenge will be fulfilled!
I thank Lagoped very much for accompanying me for this 82x4000m challenge. Its promotion of respectful mountain practice and its commitment to local manufacturing are completely in line with the spirit of my project, which aims to be united and responsible.
With 11 summits out of 82 (including the Matterhorn, Pointe Dufour, Lyskamm and Mont Blanc), the coming summers promise to be active. I hope to meet you in the mountains (but not too many anyway!) to share these very special moments.