Men's Technical T-shirt TEETREK

“My first soft technical layer that dries as quickly as to be forgotten” - Charles, mountain dweller
Color - Mangue

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The technique always

Water repellent

Men's Technical T-shirt TEETREK



Layer system

We recognize the TEETREK t-shirt by:

- its lightness and fluidity

- its technical material: stretch, and high moisture transfer to support you in your endurance activities

- its ventilated side panels for even more breathability

- its innovative composition, more virtuous than a classic polyamide. Lagoped has designed a recycled polyamide and elastane blend for a pleasant product with controlled impact.

Behind the label


Circular Economy


We often like to say that we make our mountain clothing with you. Since the creation of Lagoped, we have constantly exchanged with professionals and enthusiasts to improve each piece.

To equip yourself as well as possible, always with sustainability in mind. This is how our clothes are made:

Here, we favored Econyl as the main material, an innovative and responsible material made from nylon waste. The material is recycled from old fishing nets, fabric scraps... The yarn comes from Slovenia, the material is knitted and dyed in Italy.

For even more breathability, we chose a mesh structure, made with Italian recycled polyester yarn (from recycled plastic bottles), then the knitting is carried out in France.

Finally, the mesh is printed in Lithuania, before being assembled into TEETREK in the same factory. Short circuit, as always!

To make your equipment last

To take care of your TEETREK t-shirt, machine wash it at 30°C with regular detergent (not too much, and if it is eco-friendly, even better!).

You don't need fabric softener or anything (no bleach).

Then, gently spin and rinse normally, then dry in the fresh air.


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Santé humaine
Ressources naturelles
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Lagoped guarantees

  • Bad size ? Don't panic, returns are free.

  • For a story that lasts, our technical clothing is guaranteed for 5 years.

  • Repair rather than buy: repairs are possible and even free in the event of a defect or premature wear.