Julien Charron - High mountain guide

I met my first ptarmigans in 1999, when I joined the Vanoise National Park team. This period in Tarentaise transformed the climber/cross-country skier that I was into a high mountain guide as well as a mountain naturalist. I subsequently worked at Mercantour in Haut Verdon and I am currently in Ecrins in charge of monitoring glaciers and outdoor activities.
I started part-time to guide my clients in the mountains and experience these moments of sharing that I particularly like.
Witness to the climate changes which are brutally affecting the high mountains, I strive to limit my personal impact on the environment by limiting travel as much as possible, buying organic and local and working near my adopted village: Embrun. I am well aware that it is not much and that I have my own contradictions but I am making progress!
I am proud to be part of the Lagoped family, a company which realizes its values ​​and which proves every day that it is possible to make 100% recycled mountain clothing, without going through Asia because the entire process is European!