Begoña Lazpita Greaves - Mountain guide

Originally from Bilbao in the Basque Country, I had the chance to discover the mountains from my first steps thanks to family walks and skiing. Skiing quickly became a passion, walking a little less at first!
As a teenager, dreams of high mountains and wild journeys, of a life in the great outdoors… just dreams, had to do a real job! No problem, I'm embarking on the engineering course but also discovering the high mountains, climbing, ski touring... a little in secret, the taboo dream is growing!!!
After 10 years as an engineer on the subject of renewable energies (the only way I found to get closer to the sun in an office and to give meaning to my job!), I decided to try, to believe… and I am now an aspiring mountain guide! 🙂 I smile every time I come home from a day outside with people on the snow, on the rock, in training, in discovery…nature is great, and humans are fascinating!