How to dress for mountaineering?

Mountaineering, the ultimate adventure where mountain peaks meet the sky, requires careful preparation, starting with choosing your equipment and clothing.

In the high mountains, weather conditions are changeable and even extreme, and require meticulous foresight. At Lagoped, from the base to the snow-capped peaks, each garment is designed to guarantee comfort, protection and performance, allowing you to push your limits with complete confidence. Find out how to dress for mountaineering, and explore our range of gear carefully designed to support you on every climb.

Choice of outfit

To enjoy all sporting activities, whatever the weather, we invite you to follow the timeless layering system. We talk about it in our article “Dressing in three layers, the ultimate guide”, this is a major asset for playing with the climatic elements and the intensity of the activities practiced because each layer plays an essential role in the comfort and protection of the practitioner.

Base layers

The three-layer system is particularly suited to mountaineering, adapting to different climatic conditions during an ascent. It allows the mountaineer to be well insulated from the cold and protected from bad weather.

Find out everything about the layering system .

The first layer is breathable, it guides perspiration to the outside, keeping the user dry.

The second layer helps regulate temperature; it is often removed during sustained effort to gain comfort. We will then choose a fleece or a down jacket, two technical garments that retain the heat given off by the human body.

For those who prefer fleece material, we recommend the RYPA model with a “sheep wool” finish and waterproof shoulder inserts derived from our technical jackets. It is ideal for hiking, climbing and mountaineering.

Conversely, for lovers of down jackets, the HEYDO2 down jacket will be ideal for mountaineering: it is light and offers high thermal insulation.

Safety and polar mountaineering equipment Lagoped

Jackets and pants

When it comes to the outer layers of clothing, this is to ensure perfect protection for bad weather. Waterproof, breathable and windproof products are widely recommended for mountaineering. Protection is essential!

At Lagoped, third layer clothing is waterproof thanks to its Sympatex © membrane, a more durable alternative to Gore-Tex © technology . Our jackets and pants are thus able to protect us from wind, rain, and snow, without sacrificing breathability.

For mountaineering, we recommend the EVE jacket, a reference product within the Lagoped community. It is waterproof, windproof and breathable. Adapted to unfriendly weather conditions, it stops rain and wind and retains body heat. It can be worn all year round, and for all types of activities, making it a versatile product.

As for pants, the SUPA model is the ideal model. Stretchy enough to move with you, it is waterproof and windproof. Soft, it can be worn without tights down to -5°C or with HARFANG tights for less friendly temperatures.

Mountaineering freeride ski equipment Lagoped


The list of equipment for mountaineering does not stop at clothing, of course. It is essential to properly protect the extremities of the body, which are more sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Let's start with shoes, choose mountaineering boots with a sturdy sole for maximum grip. It is important to “break” them before shipping to avoid blisters. To complete the equipment, you may need crampons, a harness, an ice axe, a helmet, ropes, and other technical equipment. Make sure you have all the right equipment by following the advice of mountain guides.

For carrying your gear, the backpack is equally important: it should be large enough to carry extra layers of clothing, have straps for carrying gear, but not so heavy that you tire yourself out unnecessarily. Our KIIRUNA2 backpack is ideal for mountaineering: it is light and indestructible, and its size adapts to your needs. We designed it for the terrain with details for attaching skis, ice axes, ropes and helmets.

Lagoped mountaineering bag

At altitude, it is essential to wear high UV protection to protect your face and eyes from the stronger UV rays along the snow-capped peaks. Sunscreen and sunglasses should be of good quality.

And the head ? We recommend that you wear a hat, balaclava or cap to protect your head from the cold and/or the sun.

Finally, waterproof and warm gloves are essential to protect your hands.

The Lagoped locker room is constantly expanding to offer you essential and timeless equipment. If you can already equip yourself with a hat, headband or neckband, you will have to wait some time before discovering our next new products. We promise, we’re already working on it!

Mountaineering complete equipment Lagoped

Final tips

Mountaineering is a technical sporting activity, it requires forethought and safety. Before setting off on an adventure, make sure you have the necessary technical and physical level, that you are well accompanied and well equipped. In the mountains, as on the oceans or elsewhere, we recommend that everyone pushes aside their pride, knows how to listen to themselves, understand the environment in which they find themselves and listen to others. These are the essentials for a successful, safe adventure.

Finally, don't forget to check the weather forecast before your outing: conditions in high mountains change very quickly, so it is important to be informed before departure and during the ascent.

One last recommendation, and not the least: be careful not to leave any trace of your time in the mountains, other than the imprint of your footsteps. Nature does us the honor of welcoming us throughout the year, it is our duty to respect it by taking our waste with us and respecting all of its fauna and flora. But since you have chosen Lagoped to accompany you on your greatest adventures, it is because you are already one with Nature. #Onewithnature #Wearenotalone

ski touring Lagoped

In summary, mountaineering requires particular attention to the quality of the equipment and the layering to regulate body temperature and ensure optimal protection. Safety, your safety and that of others is the top priority in the mountains, make sure you are well equipped. To do this, discover our mountaineering clothing range without further delay.

When you return, don't forget to share your fondest memories with us on our social networks or our contact form , we love seeing your smiles and the magic of your adventures.

The summits are yours!

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