PTARMIGAN summer hiking pants for men

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"The pants for walking, climbing and rough granite. They match my summer mountaineering perfectly. They are stretchy and indestructible." Ludovic - high mountain guide

Color - Graphite

The item you are looking for is currently not available in this variant. We manufacture little but all year round to be as close as possible to demand and not overproduce. We will let you know when it comes back in stock.

PTARMIGAN summer hiking pants for men

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The technique always

Water repellent


- Stretch fabric lengthwise: it follows your movements without deforming.

- 2 hand pockets.

- 1 rear zipped pocket.

- 1 zipped right thigh cargo pocket.

- Hidden snap waist closure.

- Belt loops.

- Insert at the crotch for maximum comfort and minimal friction.

- Weight: 330gr


We recognize the PTARMIGAN pants by:

- its stretch, water-repellent and comfortable fabric, which allows great freedom of movement. Ideal for hiking or mountaineering in summer. It also exists in a short version!

- its well-designed and practical pockets for storing everything.

- its responsibility: it is made from recycled nylon waste.

Système de couche

Did you know ? The ptarmigan - our totem animal - changes its plumage depending on the seasons. It turns white in winter to escape predators and increases the fluffiness of its feathers to avoid cold snaps.

The PTARMIGAN pants are inspired by this: they stop rain and wind and retain body heat (more than 30°C on the surface of the skin).

To enjoy your favorite activity whatever the weather, here's the basics: layers.

- The first layer, called internal, must be breathable, to guide perspiration towards the outside of the garment.

- The intermediate layer is insulating, it helps retain heat.

- The outer layer protects against bad weather: waterproof, breathable, windproof. It is to this last category that PTARMIGAN belongs.

By building your outfit based on this system, you gain comfort and versatility. During exercise, you can remove the intermediate layer and then put it back on. In short, multi-layering is the basis.


We often like to say that we make our mountain clothing with you. Since the creation of Lagoped, we have constantly exchanged with professionals and enthusiasts to improve each piece. To equip yourself as well as possible, always with sustainability in mind.

Here, we favored Econyl, an innovative and responsible material made from nylon waste. The material is recycled from old fishing nets, fabric scraps, etc. The yarn comes from Slovenia, the material is woven and dyed in France then assembled in Poland.

Économie circulaire

To respect the environment and your health, Lagoped does not compromise on anything.

- Polyamide yarn regenerated in Slovenia. Regenerated nylon is made entirely from nylon waste (including fishing nets, fabric scraps and used carpets).

- Woven and dyed in France (Isère)

- Assembled in Poland and PFC-free water-repellent treatment.


- 97% recycled polyamide (r-PA)

- 3% Elastane (EA)


To take care of your PTARMIGAN pants, wash them in the machine at 30°C with regular detergent (not too much, and if it is eco-friendly, even better!).

You don't need fabric softener or anything (bleach).

Then, gently spin and rinse normally, then dry in the fresh air.

Unfortunately, water repellency does not last forever and fades over time. Use specific PFC-free sprays to reactivate it.


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