Eliott Nicot 🇫🇷
Mountaineer and journalist

Eliott Nicot joined the Lagoped Family during the writing of his film DĂ©sescalation, for which Lagoped is a partner.

A military guide graduated from the EMHM in Chamonix, Eliott works as a journalist, videographer and photographer. Founder of a mountain film festival, he is passionate about mountaineering, paragliding and skiing. Up there, Eliott likes to create, tell stories, and pass on messages. Encounter.


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Where does his passion for the mountains come from?

Born in France to parents who were passionate about mountains, I grew up in the Finnish nature. As far back as I can remember, I have always needed to be in contact with the wild world. It seems to me that its energy carries a fullness and an accuracy which gives a raw and simple meaning to existence.

Quite early on, a burning attraction to the world of high mountains gave me my skills as a skier, mountaineer and paraglider: I worked as a ski instructor in Austria before pursuing a dense military career. , particularly within the EMHM of Chamonix. However, if I became passionate about the world above, my attachment to nature in its entirety has only grown. And today more than ever, it seems crucial to me to slow down and add nuance to what we do.

Furthermore, it was in my search for these different shades of life that my vocation and my profession as a journalist was born. Driven by a rather atypical career path punctuated among other things by obtaining mountain diplomas, a stint at university and military experiences abroad, creating, telling and transmitting has naturally become my way of connecting all this which animates me.

Why be part of the Lagoped Family?

It is a great satisfaction to be part of the Lagoped adventure which, in addition to allowing me to express myself, is a guarantor of values ​​deeply aligned with mine. And for good reason, it is difficult to imagine when you are passionate about outdoor sports to add additional pressure to the ecosystems which support our practices. I am more for humility and contentment, and for sobriety which does not taint performance!

I am happy to be able to wear and represent a French brand which is growing in the mountain world.

De-escalation, what future for our mountains?

In just ten minutes, this film opens the debate on the use of mountaineering routes and raises crucial questions about our relationship with nature, mountaineering, the environment and the future of these essential components. Why focus on the same routes when our mountains are full of routes to explore?

“De-escalation” gives voice to “ordinary mountaineers” and high mountain guides, highlighting the contradictions they face. With testimonies filmed between the Écrins massif and the Mont Blanc massif, this high-altitude micro-sidewalk provokes reflection on the overconcentration of Alpine tourism and leisure activities, while launching the debate on the practice of contemporary mountaineering.

Through breathtaking images, the film questions the limits of outdoor practice in a fragile environment.

Available on Youtube.

Interview | Eliott Nicot - De-escalation

One last word ?

Back from the world of the armed forces and following my time at the high mountain military school in Chamonix, I wanted to continue to transmit something in the mountains. Through my images and my stories, I now seek to tell stories. That of nature, of mountain people, but also of past and present lives. So for me, journalism brings together under a single banner my desire and my means to convey messages. Relevant for their aesthetics, their positive impact on mountain safety, or on the preservation of the environment, I believe that many stories parallel to a certain consumerism of nature deserve to be told.