Lagoped's biggest photo shoot: a story in the heart of the mountains

Written by: Enora Gelot



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At Lagoped, we have always made it a point to embody the spirit of adventure, sustainability and deep connection with nature. It is in this spirit that we orchestrated the largest product shoot in the history of our brand in the mountains , a significant and inspiring event which highlighted our wardrobe: the essential pieces and the new products.

The ideal place: the French mountains

A winter at the Refuge des Drayères

Cerces Massif - Thabor - Mont Cenis


Shooting Lagoped mountain

For our winter collection, we have chosen an enchanting setting: the Refuge des Drayères. Nestled at the bottom of the preserved Clarée valley, this authentic and isolated place provided the perfect setting to present our clothing designed to face the harshest mountain winter conditions.

In fact, the shooting team was greeted on the second day by a snowstorm.

Lagoped mountain photo shoot
Lagoped mountain photo shoot

The Lagoped Family team gathered at the shelter, with keepers Boris and Anne, each embodying the bold and adventurous spirit of our brand. Our models braved the elements, demonstrating the resistance and comfort of our clothing in a real and demanding environment.

Shooting Lagoped Mountain

A summer on the heights of Lake Annecy

Bornes massif


For our summer collection, we chose the heights of Lake Annecy, an emblematic place, at the heart of Lagoped's product development and offering breathtaking panoramas. This area, known for its natural beauty and scenic trails, served as the perfect backdrop for our summer shoot.

The shooting team traveled the trails of the Annecy mountain, to find a breathtaking view of the lake and its surroundings. We shot our t-shirts, shirts, tank tops and some technical fleeces there.