Damien Lacaze - Paragliding instructor

I come from the South-West, from rugby, from the Pyrenees. These small, steep and wild mountains allowed me to discover mountaineering in all its forms. When I was younger, I wanted to be a Guide, like my Dad. I took up paragliding to go down mountains. I quickly understood that the funniest thing was to jump them… I quickly became passionate about long-distance flights. Then by the competitions that I have been practicing at a high level since 2011. I live in the Hautes Alpes, the dream place for lovers of wide open spaces, still a little wild. There is a particularly favorable aerology for exceptional flights.

Prize list
- 2008: Attempt to enter ENSA to become a Guide (I failed the Proba) and discovery of Paragliding.
- 2011: First distance competitions
- 2012: Obtaining the Paragliding Instructor Diploma
- 2013: Crossing the Moroccan Atlas in Bivouac flight ( Watch the film here ) - First international competitions.
- 2014: I joined the Pôle France - 11th at the French Championship - 11th at the PWCA Superfinal in Turkey
- 2016: 4th at the World Cup (PWC) in Portugal, 3rd in the Federal Distance Cup (CFD) with 3 flights of almost 300km
- 2017: 1st at the Bornes to Fly (Hike and Fly competition over 3 days) - Benoît Outters' flight assistant at the RedBull the Alps from Salzburg to Monaco). 20th in the World Ranking (WPRS)