Charlotte Martin & Nicolas Plain - Paragliders

Charlotte is a great adventurer both personally and professionally, who challenges herself to achieve her dreams and be in accordance with the values ​​that are dear to her.
A nurse and practitioner of outdoor sports, notably trail running, cycling, and recently paragliding, she is keen to share her local adventures through videos that she films and produces.
She travels the Alps, where she lives, and other landscapes of our planet to better understand how the women and men of these different regions live and what are their secrets to staying healthy in sometimes complicated conditions such as during her last adventure in Kenya and Tanzania to support a team which brings renewable electricity to isolated villages.
Charlotte is also the author of books to share her experience of eating disorders and help those who suffer from them to overcome them.
Nicolas is a scientist and paraglider pilot passionate about protecting our beautiful planet! It communicates on work in these areas and finds/disseminates concrete and local citizen solutions to create a more sustainable world.
sustainable and fairer!
To do this, he uses his paraglider to gain height and discover the magnificent landscapes and existing ecosystems, alone or accompanied! It is in this context that he created the En l'Air pour la Terre association in 2015 with a new innovative form of communication to share scientific knowledge on these themes: short, simple and impressive interviews with specialists in flight, tandem paragliding!
Continuing this, in 2019 he put together a collection of documentaries “We must save the Alps” which was broadcast on Ushuaia TV and France Télévision with a teaser at the 2019 Cannes festival and participation in the 2020 festival.
He is also an acrobatic paraglider pilot (7th in the 2017 French championship), an ultralight instructor and holder of the tandem paragliding qualification to share his passion!