Damn, we missed the sales

Written by: Enora Gelot



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The 2024 winter sales end on February 6, and during this period we didn't have much to tell you: no crossed out prices, no big promotions, no plummeting prices (even though we love strong sensations). However, many of you have asked us the question - and we understand.



The fairest price we found is the one we apply all year round.



At Lagoped, the sales have never started . For what ? Because the fairest price we have found is the one we apply all year round. We explain to you:



1- Sourcing our materials and manufacturing in Europe is 5 to 15 times the price of production in Asia, so our cost costs and our margins are not the same.



2- Because we assure our customers fair remuneration for those who manufactured their clothing in Europe. All the artisans in the chain: stylists, pattern makers, frayers, spinners, knitters, weavers, dyers, manufacturing workshops are paid according to their expertise.



3- Having sales also means selling off collections that are becoming obsolete and out of fashion. At Lagoped, there is no collection, we remain committed to creating the essential wardrobe, timeless pieces improved over time. We still love the EVE jacket just as much, so why reinvent it?



4- And last but not least, Nature is not on sale . We do not want to encourage overconsumption. Although we do not use nature to make our clothes and we advocate circularity, we do not want to encourage you to buy when it is not necessary.


"Nature is not on sale"

Credit: Solidrusk



It is important for us to remember our values ​​and our commitments. The easiest way would be to bend the rules a few times to accelerate our development.



So thank you. Thank you to everyone who purchased non-sale Lagoped in January. Thank you to all our customers who follow us, who share our values ​​and who want to be one with Nature. 💚