How to dress for mountaineering?

Written by: Enora Gelot



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Mountaineering, the ultimate adventure where mountain peaks meet the sky, requires careful preparation, starting with choosing your equipment and clothing.

In the high mountains, weather conditions are changeable and even extreme, and require meticulous foresight. At Lagoped, from the base to the snow-capped peaks, each garment is designed to guarantee comfort, protection and performance, allowing you to push your limits with complete confidence. Find out how to dress for mountaineering, and explore our range of gear carefully designed to support you on every climb.

Choice of mountaineering outfit

To enjoy all sporting activities, whatever the weather, we invite you to follow the timeless layering system. We talk about it in our article “ Dressing in three layers, the ultimate guide ”, it is a major asset for playing with the climatic elements and the intensity of the activities practiced because each layer plays an essential role in the comfort and protection of the practitioner.

Mountaineering base layers

The three-layer system is particularly suited to the practice of mountaineering , adapting to different climatic conditions during an ascent. It allows the mountaineer to be well insulated from the cold and protected from bad weather.

The first layer must be breathable, it guides perspiration to the outside, keeping the user dry. We recommend the TEETREK breathable technical t-shirt . For additional warmth, the Lagoped teams are developing a technical t-shirt with sleeves. We advise you to subscribe to the newsletter so as not to miss any news.