Lucien Chaillot - Middle Mountain Guide

I have always been in contact with nature. I had the chance to travel a lot during his childhood, particularly in very harsh territories. In the Jura, I trained in nature management and protection, and I acquired a solid ecological background. At the same time, I obtained my Mountain Guide and Rescue Tracker diploma. Once I graduated, I left with my future partner Maxime on an expedition to the heart of Norwegian Lapland for two weeks. This experience was then the initiative for the creation of our agency: Watogla Trek.

With a degree in “Manager of natural leisure areas”, I was able to work in close collaboration with the Ecrins National Park on the winter disturbance of sensitive species. With numerous trips to Finland I specialized in Nordic activities in the middle of the tundra.

Today, I guide my clients within my agency Watogla Trek , in order to popularize, but also to raise awareness of the preservation of this Edenic nature, which embraces us all.

Our treks are not consumed, they are experienced, dreamed of, prepared for. In the best conditions.
Watogla chose to share adventures with Lagoped in the hope of popularizing wild adventure practices that respect the environment in which we will progress.
Indeed, thanks to Lagoped equipment we ensure the preservation of natural resources and guarantee local manufacturing. The technical quality of their products also reinforces safety and comfort in the field in the face of cold and humidity constraints. You will find this same philosophy of environmental management on the Watogla Treks through “no trace”, promotion of local heritage and responsible bivouac.
Together, we can develop the adventure of tomorrow.