Guillaume Jacquemin - Mountaineer

My name is Guillaume, I am 23 years old. Originally from Nice, I have been traveling the Mercantour massif since I was a child, which is for me a refreshing place and a breath of fresh air.
Initially hiking and climbing, mountaineering gradually becomes a logical continuation for traveling through the mountains in complete safety. With this sport, I discover the joy of exploration, of true adventure but also the excitement of uncertainty, reflection and deciphering the terrain. A sport of sharing, freedom, beauty…
Today I am a member of the Espoir FFCAM 06 group, the opportunity to share and learn from the guides of the Mercantour company and my friends in the group.
I am a 5th year medical student , I love my studies although sometimes difficult. If the mountain is not a professional goal for me, it is essential to my work at the hospital, allowing me to breathe and leave with a small square of blue sky and wild landscapes in my head.
Lovers of Mercantour, a little-known but nevertheless intense massif, where the opening of original and aesthetic mixed or rock routes is still possible today.
I met Lagoped a bit by chance. I quickly realized that the concept of manufacturing products that were both personalized and using environmentally friendly manufacturing processes fully corresponded to the values ​​of today's mountain environment and the needs of the practitioner.
I hope to be able to introduce Lagoped to people who follow me on my blog “ Mercantour Sauvage ” or even better in real life by going climbing together!