Water-repellent maintenance product (250Ml)

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The product without fluorinated compounds (PFC) to maintain the water repellency of your technical clothing.

A chemical product is applied to the outer fabric of technical clothing which will ensure this “water repellency”: the water rolls off the outer fabric and its penetration into the fabric is delayed. At lagoped, we use a water-repellent that does not contain fluorinated compounds (PFCs) which are endocrine disruptors. Due to the refusal to use PFCs in our water-repellent products, the outer fabric of our jackets gets wet when it rains more than a few drops. And since there is no PFC, the water repellency fades over time.

To maintain the water repellency of your jacket or pants, you can use this PFC-free water-repellent product from the NST brand. It is entirely made in France.


It is a spray version that is easy to apply to the exterior fabric. Apply Proof spray to clean clothing only when it is still wet after washing. You can lay it flat but the ideal is to place it on a hanger. Spray from a distance of 15 cm over the entire surface of the garment, wipe off the excess with a sponge or cloth, distributing the product well over the entire surface to be treated. Let dry naturally. Repeat the operation at least twice a year and/or with each wash.


Hydrophobic resin.
PFC (fluorine) free, solvent free


Read the garment label before use.
P101: If you seek medical advice, have the container or label available.
P102: Keep out of reach of children.
H319. CAUTION: Causes severe eye irritation.

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Water-repellent maintenance product (250Ml)