Summer Mountaineering School - EVEN HIGHER


Objective: I master insurance in movement: adaptation and speed.

- Security management: I make security decisions.
- Race management: I master the installation of insurance points and relays. I install a booster relay.

Levels: I prepare and lead an AD/D level race. I evolve in an independent rope team under the authority and security of the professional supervisor.

3 people maximum per guide. Departure from 2 people

Price per person.

Date of departure:

The day includes supervision in partnership with the Grenoble Guides office by a professional qualified mountain guide.

The training also includes:

- Preparation: video conference the day before (45 minutes) to explain the choice of outing. And give you the reading keys to understand the topo/weather/difficulties/timetable.
- During the outing: give you the keys to race management (route/schedule) and group management (fatigue/stress).
- The end of outing debriefing. A look back at the day and security management.