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Nature can be heard and defended. Through associations, local groups and in the end it is each citizen who can make their voice heard. Because if she doesn't speak through our language, we can make her voice heard and relay the messages she sends to us.


éco-score français textile Lagoped

Lagoped publie son éco-score français sur toute sa collection

La marque Lagoped a publié dès 2023 l'éco-score selon la méthode européenne. En avril 2024, nous publions également notre éco-score français.
Le lagopède du Svalbard

The Svalbard Rock Ptarmigan

Discover the rock ptarmigan, the discreet emblem of Svalbard, a fascinating Arctic island. As an endemic species, it epitomises survival in a harsh environment. Explore its unique seasonal adaptation and join us as we explore Svalbard and reconnect with nature.
Mince, on a loupé les soldes

Damn, we missed the sales

Why, at Lagoped, you will never see sales. Because the fairest price we have found is the one we apply all year round.
Les Alpes en Mutation : L'Impact du Changement Climatique sur l'Alpinisme

The Changing Alps: The Impact of Climate Change on Mountaineering

In the Alps, glaciers are melting rapidly due to climate change. The Glacier des glaciers and the Mer de Glace are losing meters every year. This affects the safety of climbers. To cope with this, increased cooperation is necessary between guides, refuge keepers and mountaineering enthusiasts.
Le pari - Film de Baptiste Deturche

The bet - Film by Baptiste Deturche

Baptiste Deturche is a young wildlife film director who lives in the Alps where he lives close to nature. After a bet between two nature enthu...

La bave du crapaud n'atteint pas le blanc lagopède !

The toad's slime does not reach the white ptarmigan!

What if we explained to you the real reason why we don't do Black Friday? For the values ​​that we defend because today is a commercial madness ...