A wealth of information to collect

This is the key step without which the rest is not possible. You need to know what you are doing in detail across your entire value chain. That’s good since it’s Lagoped’s DNA and a bit of our “secret sauce”. For you, an EVE jacket is “just” a piece of clothing. For us, it's the result of 25 components assembled. Fortunately, not all clothes require this much, but there is never a single component.

We record all information in a computer system provided by our partner C-Design. This system is called Product Life Management (PLM) in the textile world. It allows us to follow the creation process of all our clothes and record sourcing information.

For each component of each garment, we record its supplier, its weight, its composition, its place of manufacture, the mode of transport used to the next point of assembly etc. For this step, the key is the good partner relationship and we were able to count on our various European suppliers to have all the necessary information. We also add designs, colors, measurement tables and patterns. All the essential elements to move on to the manufacturing phase (made in).

If a brand does not know its value chain well and therefore has little information to communicate, its final grade will be C. There is therefore a premium in knowing in detail what we are doing.

All these elements are then sucked up by our partner PEFTrust to move on to the calculation phase. This makes it possible to industrialize the calculation process and opens up the possibility of calculating a very large quantity of products.

We can then move on to calculating the environmental impacts.