Quentin Bochu 🇫🇷
Tracker Rescuer

Quentin is a skier and rescue skier based in the Maurienne valley. A member of the Lagoped Family for several years, he shares his outings with the brand and is always ready to test the Lagoped prototypes on the slopes of the valley.


Ski Snowboard

Who are you ?

My parents taught me to ski since I could stand.
Today I live from my passion by being a rescue tracker in Orelle.
If there is snow you will probably see me skiing in the resort or hiking.
Otherwise in mountaineering or cycling.

What are you looking for in the mountains?

For me the mountain is a space of freedom and expression.
I like to share beautiful moments and show what pushes us to go up there.

Why be part of the Lagoped Family?

Lagoped has been with me since 2020 and I am always very honored.
Lagoped offers very technical and eco-designed clothing in accordance with my vision and my practice of the mountains.
I mainly use the Eve outfit and the Supa pants.
Timeless and timeless colors, no need to have a new pattern every year.
Well designed, simple, robust, the minimum but everything necessary.

What are your plans ?

For winter, always skiing, between freeride and more mountain itineraries.
In the summer I would really like to try an ultracycling experience and why not mix mountaineering and gentle mobility cycling.