Manon & Marion 🇫🇷


We are Marion and Manon, two friends based in Annecy. Passionate about mountains, travel and adventure. We are both physiotherapists, Manon is also a mountain guide. Our women’s rope team doesn’t often go unnoticed. Spontaneity, determination, good humor in all situations are the strengths of our pair. Not one to catch up with the other when it comes to taking on a new challenge. We are also outstanding goofballs, entertaining the gallery with our incredible stories.


Ski Snowboard

Our biggest dream?

They are numerous! We call many of our adventures our little dreams. But overall the one that required the most preparation and made us dream for months was the ascent of the Matterhorn. This may seem easy for many mountaineers but when you see that we started alpi three years ago, there was a long way to go so as not to miss the stages! Gaining confidence and sometimes asserting ourselves as a 100% female pair has been a great journey. This climb will remain legendary and engraved for us!

What do mountains mean to us?

The mountains carry strong values ​​for us. A return to basics and wonder, humility, mutual aid and solidarity. We are proud to be a women's rope team and of our journey/progress. This rope bond is indescribable! These values ​​and experiences make the mountain a place for creating unique relationships and unforgettable feelings.

Why the Lagoped Family?

The Ptarmigan symbol is quite strong and speaking: perseverance, adaptability, humility, harmony with its environment. We therefore find ourselves in the Lagoped family and its set of values ​​and commitments which go beyond simple mountain products, touching on sustainability, innovation, community and empowerment.

Our favorite Lagoped clothing?

Without hesitation, ski/alpi outfits. Pretty, comfortable, durable, practical pockets…; In short, a must!