Lucien Chaillot 🇫🇷
Wild/Polar Adventure Guide

"I have always been in contact with nature. I had the chance to travel a lot during my childhood, particularly in very harsh territories. In the Jura, I trained in the management and protection of nature, and I acquired a solid ecological background, I obtained my Mountain Guide and Rescue Tracker diploma. Once qualified, I left with my future partner Maxime on an expedition in the heart of Norwegian Lapland. This experience was then the initiative for the creation of our agency: Watogla Trek."


Ski Snowboard

Who is Lucien?

Passionate about polar adventure stories since a very young age. He visits these territories regularly for personal adventures or which he guides. He has a preference for independent adventures.
Mountain guide, first aid tracker, sailing instructor offers him a range of skills. Which allows him to work as an adventure guide in France and the polar regions.

Focused on multi-activity practice, he still has a preference for snow sports: dog sledding and skiing in winter, canoeing and sailing in summer.

Do not hesitate to share an adventure with him in France or in the polar regions with his agency:Watogla.

Why the Lagoped Family?

His spirit of taking the trails shaped by wildlife. Allows you to live the most immersive experiences possible. He strengthened his immersion and reduced his impact by joining the Lagoped Family, for him “like the ptarmigan, being dressed in accordance with its environment is important to be as discreet as possible in nature”.

His favorite Lagoped item of clothing?

Fan of RYPA fleece, the ideal layer for sharing good times around a campfire, the ideal pillow for bivouac...