Corentin Esmieu 🇫🇷

Mid-mountain guide

I am originally from Briançon and have always been passionate about mountains. The quest for a mythical animal quickly occupied all my free time. The wolf. My book “Wolf, a pack life in the Ecrins” won the Passy World Mountain Image Book Prize in 2020.

As a professional wildlife photographer and mountain guide, I have the chance to make a living from my passions.

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What do the mountains mean to me?

The mountain is my whole life! It is home to so many wonders, it is my greatest source of inspiration. I am deeply passionate about these wild places and their inhabitants. I like to spend time there to unravel their secrets.
I have a deep respect for the mountains and what they bring to me on a daily basis.

What the mountain taught me?

I have been traveling through it since my childhood. It is an environment that can be indescribably calm and gentle but can transform in a few minutes into a more hostile environment.
All these experiences allowed me to learn a lot, both about her but also about myself.
She is the one who paved my way.

Why the Lagoped Family?

In my mountain practice I have always been very committed to respecting and protecting the environment and its inhabitants. Being part of the Lagoped Family means being in agreement with its principles 100%.
I am outdoors all year round in often difficult conditions and my Lagoped equipment allows me to face all the elements as best as possible.

My projects ?

Currently I am working on my second work on the wolf and it should see the light of day in 2025. (That is more than 5 years in the field in the quest for this fascinating species).

With my friends from Ecotalk, we also prepare awareness-raising reports on endangered species.

And of course as part of my work as a guide, many outings with clients in France or Europe :)