Test Outzer Ptarmigan hiking pants by Corentin Julliard

10/10 - The perfect hiking pants!

When opening the package:

As soon as you unpack it, you quickly realize the quality of the product! The nylon and elastane fabric is really nice to the touch, offers some stretch and the pants feel really sturdy. When trying it on, the only small remark I could make is regarding the size. Indeed, I have a fairly thin profile (1m79 for 69kg), and took a size M. The length is perfect, however, the hip circumference is quite wide. This is therefore a detail that may be important to know. But, no worries, it is possible to put a belt on it.

In the field :

- Hike mid-July, in good weather, in the plain:

During this day of walking, I wanted to try these pants in warm weather. And despite the sun and the temperature, I didn't feel any real discomfort. It is breathable enough not to sweat inside like a K-way, and still offers good UV protection. It's obviously not worth shorts, but if you're going away for several days in the middle of summer, and the weather can be mixed, don't hesitate to bring them because they will adapt to all weather conditions!

- 4-day trek in the Pyrenees, mid-October:

A little more serious test for these Lagoped pants during this trek. And the least I can say is that he passed with flying colors!
It perfectly resisted the attacks of sharp rocks, did not bother me at all when walking and was perfect at altitude to protect from the wind, as well as from the drizzle and the humidity of the morning thanks to its water-repellent treatment.

To conclude :

For me, these pants are ideal for hiking and/or trekking:

- Very durable thanks to its nylon and elastane fabric
- Pleasant to wear and comfortable even after long hours of walking
- Cuts the wind quite well, is water-repellent and breathable enough to be bearable even in summer
- Easy to wash and dries quite quickly
- Large hand pockets, as well as a cargo pocket on the right thigh (with zipper + Velcro) and a back pocket.

Finally, the great strong point is its eco-design, both in terms of raw materials and manufacturing.

For who ?

For all hikers, whether for the day or longer term
Test published on Outzer.fr