Test of the Tétras jacket by Irenearrt

10/10 - The eco-responsible hardshell made in Europe

The test

Let's take a walk in the woods ♪

Having received the jacket at the very beginning of confinement, I was not able to throw myself headlong into the test, but had to do it gradually: first by bike, to go to work in the rain; then in a small wood near my house; and, once confinement is lifted, in the Alsatian forests.

For me, this jacket is above all comfortable. Pleasant to wear and very thin, it is compatible with the addition of several layers for very cold days (sweater, down jacket), which gives it “all-season” versatility. Very good windproof and actually waterproof, I was able to do a few outings in the rain or snow without problem.

On days with good weather (and very hot weather... up to 7 degrees! yes, it's winter eh), breathability is ensured, in particular by the ventilation in the armpits.

As for durability, I put my Tetras to the test with my husband's new passion: visiting abandoned bunkers, which sometimes requires squeezing through narrow passages, or even crawling through mud. So far, solidity is tested.


To the question “would I have bought the jacket if I had not won it in the test?” ”, the answer is “probably no”. For what ? Quite simply because €390 seems a lot to me a priori for a jacket (even if there are obviously more expensive ones, it's still a budget). However, the more I wear it, the more I find this price justified, given the quality and sustainable and local manufacturing.

Although – I can now say it! – the Tetras is worth every penny of its price, it remains an investment that is not within the reach of all budgets.


Combining comfort, quality and durability, the Tetras is a simple, elegant and effective jacket, for which everything has been thought of down to the smallest detail.

It's official, Lagoped has clearly moved to number 1 on my list of favorite outdoor brands. Although I will probably not have made the purchase before this test, I am now convinced of the quality of the brand and will not hesitate to break the bank in the future to equip myself with them .

For who ?

All nature lovers who want to carry their values
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