Paul de Pourtalès - Freerider

My name is Paul de Pourtalès and I have just qualified 19th in Europe for the FWQ finals, where I will compete for one of the 4 places for the Freeride World Tour 2023. I am therefore approaching you with these finals in mind, testimony of the first results of a serious sporting project anchored over the next 10 years that I was able to put in place from the summer of 2021.

This project is that of having organized at the age of 22 in a sustainable way the entirety of my daily life around my skiing career and the objective of reaching the Freeride World Tour. The critical years of my engineering studies at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne are behind me and I benefit from the status of an elite athlete to organize the end of my training around my training.

I also teach at the ESF in Alpe d'Huez (between two training sessions) and I live in a converted van in the winter, which gives me the income as well as the flexibility necessary to follow the busy schedule of ski competitions. freeride for years to come. My recent progress on skis as well as my qualification for the finals are therefore not the result of chance, but the consequences of this meticulous organization which allows me to follow a rigorous physical and technical training program throughout the year.

For a skier who regularly racks his brain wondering if it is realistic to hope for an eco-responsible ski industry one day, I am proud to help make visible a brand that is pushing in the right direction. Well, I write this as if it were a sacrifice, but let's be clear: I love the design of Lagoped clothing, and have had nothing but wonderful feedback on their technical qualities. The pride is therefore complete.

Highlights of winter 2022

● 3rd place FWQ 2* Verbier Freeride Week 2022
● 2nd place FWQ 2* Chamonix 2022
● 2nd place FWQ 2* Mestia (Georgia) 2022
● 10th place FWQ 4* Verbier 2022 —> qualification among the 22 best in Europe for the FWQ 2022 finals.
● 8th Nendaz Freeride 4* (Final) —> 4 places from the FWT entry ticket