Recycled Polyester: The New Standard in the Textile Industry with Lagoped and Newlife™

Written by: Enora Gelot



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In a world where sustainability is becoming an essential imperative in the textile industry, brands are increasingly encouraged to rethink their approach to clothing production. It is in this context of transition towards more environmentally friendly practices that we see innovative and ecological solutions emerging. Among these, recycled polyester stands out as a promising alternative, offering significant potential to reduce the ecological footprint of the fashion industry.

With this in mind, Lagoped positions itself as a precursor of sustainability in the field of clothing. We are firmly committed to eco-responsible and ethical production, favoring European manufacturing processes and an approach aimed at using only sustainable materials, not extracted from Nature, in our wardrobe. It is in this common quest for sustainability that Lagoped has chosen to collaborate with Newlife, a recycled polyester yarn renowned for its technical qualities and above all its commitment to the circular economy. This alliance is based on shared values ​​such as sustainability, eco-responsibility, technicality and comfort, positioning Lagoped and Newlife at the forefront of fashion that is more respectful of the environment and consumers.

Why use polyester in the textile industry?

Polyester, a synthetic polymer widely used in the textile sector, is produced from non-renewable resources such as crude oil, coal and natural gas. This versatile material is appreciated for its robustness, ease of maintenance, elasticity as well as its diversity of styles and finishes.

However, it is crucial to note that the production of polyester entails considerable energy consumption and generates significant pollution. Faced with these environmental challenges, it becomes imperative to turn to sustainable alternatives. That's where recycled polyester comes in. By reusing existing materials rather than drawing on virgin resources, recycled polyester offers an eco-friendly solution to reducing the textile industry's carbon footprint.

Lagoped favors recycled polyester with Newlife

The recycled polyester manufacturing process: forward circularity!

Lagoped has teamed up with the Italian brand Sinterama to introduce Newlife™, a recycled polyester, into our wardrobe. This innovative fiber is the result of a collaboration between two Piedmontese companies, Filature Miroglio and the Sinterama group, representing a Made in Italy innovation that already has several partners across Europe.

Newlife™ is a 100% recycled polyester, resulting from the processing of plastic bottles collected in citizen recycling programs. PET, a thermoplastic polymer, is widely used to make plastic bottles, food packaging, textiles and various products, thanks to its transparency, light weight and recyclability. It is among the most recycled plastics, where used bottles are collected, cleaned, crushed and then transformed into reusable granules, thus contributing to a circular economy and the reduction of plastic waste.

Newlife™ yarn, exclusively processed and spun in Italy, offers a second life to these materials, demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainability and circularity. Thanks to a mechanical transformation process, the material maintains a level of performance and quality equivalent to that of a virgin thread. In addition, the company ensures that plastic is decontaminated before recycling, thus ensuring high ethical and environmental standards.

Before being transformed into a high-quality, environmentally friendly fiber, PET plastic bottles are first collected empty. The collection is carried out in northern Italy. Once collected, plastic bottles are sorted by type and color, and subjected to strict quality control methods, ensuring material purity. The selected bottles are then washed, disinfected and mechanically crushed, transformed into flakes ready for processing. These flakes are then melted and spun to create recycled polyester yarns, which then go through texturing, an essential thermal and friction process to give Newlife™ volume, elasticity and functional characteristics similar to those of natural fibers. This careful process guarantees the superior quality and durability of each Newlife™ product, providing an ecological and responsible alternative in the textile industry.

Certified according to the most demanding standards for sustainable textiles, Newlife™ proudly displays the labels of the Global Recycle Standard, Œko-Tex and the Italian Institute of Ethical and Environmental Certifications. This ecological fiber not only reduces the carbon footprint of the textile industry, but also intercepts plastic bottles as soon as they are consumed, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.

To illustrate the concrete impact of this initiative, note that thirty 1.5 liter bottles can produce up to one kilogram of recycled polyester. This statistic demonstrates the effectiveness and potential of this innovative process, providing a viable solution to transform plastic waste into a valuable and sustainable resource.

Lagoped clothing, a high-performance and durable wardrobe thanks to Newlife fiber

Newlife recycled polyester fiber ™, a superior quality fiber

Newlife™ recycled polyester yarn is a benchmark in terms of durability and performance. This premium fiber is the preferred choice for a multitude of high-end products, ranging from fashion clothing to sporting goods, underwear, technical work wear and even some furnishing textiles. Its versatility is fully expressed in high-end fabrics, offering a perfect combination of resistance and quick drying, ideal for sports enthusiasts, especially lovers of Nature and adventure. Additionally, Newlife™ recycled polyester yarn has properties ideal for outdoor activities such as built-in UV protection, antibacterial action, quick drying, comfort and a very good fit.

The positive environmental impact of fiber of recycled polyester Newlife

The choice of recycled polyester yarn offers an undeniable positive environmental impact. Compared to virgin polyester, the production of recycled PET fibers is not only more energy efficient, but also more environmentally friendly. The savings made are significant, with a 94% reduction in water consumption and a 60% reduction in energy consumption for the same production volume. In addition, this approach helps preserve the environment by reducing carbon emissions by up to 32% compared to an equivalent quantity of virgin polyester. Thus, opting for recycled polyester represents a responsible and sustainable choice, contributing to the preservation of our planet while offering quality products.

In conclusion, Lagoped proudly positions itself as a sustainability pioneer in the outdoor textile industry, thanks to our collaboration with Newlife™ and the use of its premium recycled polyester yarn. This alliance represents much more than a simple trade association, it embodies our shared commitment to the circular economy and a more environmentally friendly future. By choosing our products made from recycled polyester, you actively contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the textile industry, while benefiting from an essential wardrobe for adventure and renewed every year.

However, it is crucial to remain vigilant about the potential risks associated with plastic microparticles. We therefore encourage our customers to consider adding an appropriate filter when washing their recycled polyester garments, to minimize their impact on the environment. Together, by supporting brands committed to sustainability like Lagoped, we can make a real difference for our planet and for future generations. Opt for responsible and sustainable choices, for a better future for all.