We are not alone !

We are part of Nature
We love going to the mountains and nature. But we are not alone. The mountain environment is an exceptional and fragile environment. Our presence has an impact and knowing our environment better means behaving better in it to reduce our impact. It's not ultimately not a setting or a playground.
So that each practitioner is driven by a real desire to preserve the natural environment and adapt their practice. Especially in winter when the conditions for animal survival are particularly difficult. Fleeing from humans requires a significant expenditure of energy which will not be used to flee a predator or defeat a microbe.
Paradox of looking for life on the other side of the universe when we sometimes forget that it is within reach of our ski tips and our hiking boots. We relay to you the initiatives that allow you to be informed.
Ski without disturbing
An article from Montagnes Magazine which covers some good behaviors to adopt to prepare and lead your outing in the mountains and ski without disturbing wildlife.
Be Part of the Mountain
An international association which presents fact sheets on animals and good behavior to adopt. Remember the funnel principle for mountain outings.
It is a mapping tool developed by the company Makina Corpus . The LPO coordinated the project with the support of numerous partners. It is possible to find sensitive or regulated areas directly on a map and on Camp2Camp .
This tool www.biodiv-sports.fr aims to disseminate two types of zones:
* sensitive areas established in advance through a consultation process bringing together the different users of a territory.
* regulatory zones having an impact on sporting practice implemented within the framework of public environmental protection policies.
Each zone is accompanied by a description, a sheet presenting the species and the interactions that each practice can have with this species.
For more information, contact: adrien.lambert@lpo.fr