The bet - Film by Baptiste Deturche

Written by: Christophe Cordonnier



Time to read 1 min

Baptiste Deturche is a young wildlife film director who lives in the Alps where he lives close to nature.

After a bet between two nature enthusiasts, a mission begins. That of putting very particular animals into images.

The rock ptarmigan, the black grouse, the wood grouse, the capercaillie and the bartavel partridge belong to the group of birds called the mountain galliformes.

These hens living in difficult environments but not so far from human activities although dependent on the mountain environment remain little or poorly known.

Let's go and discover these incredible animals, relics of the Ice Age, champions of survival and camouflage, to learn how to observe and coexist with them.

I hope, through this film, to take the viewer into the field. Help him discover what he doesn't know, make him take the time to observe discreet wildlife and inform him of the fragility of these species and the spaces where they live.

This 53-minute film was shot in the French mountains and more precisely in the Alps and the Pyrenees. The story begins in an alpine chalet, where two nature enthusiasts took on the challenge of making this film in one year, showing the 5 species of mountain galliformes and carrying a message of knowledge accessible to as many people as possible.

Oriented as an awareness “mission”, this film will show the mountain from another angle. Carried by a voice-over providing information and knowledge on the subjects, we travel from forests to summits and from the Alps to the Pyrenees.

Wanting to make the film in one year allows us to create a cycle in history but also to support the urgency of awareness. At a time when everything is always moving too quickly, there is no longer time to wait to make as many people as possible aware of the challenges of our century.

Finally, in parallel with the main story and the galliformes, the film also depicts the environments in which these animals live and certain other species that these birds meet all year round.