Goulven Marie, at the start of the Transat CIC

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Goulven Marie, member of the Lagoped Family has the honor of participating with the class 40 Qwanza in The Transat CIC, departing from Lorient on April 28 .

We explain to you what the Transat CIC is through a pre-race interview.

Goulven Transat CIC
Goulven Transat CIC

The Transat CIC, from Lorient to New York

The Transat CIC is run solo between Lorient and New York, and is one of the historic transatlantic races. The departure is given on Sunday April 28.

What is the Transat CIC?

The Transat CIC, formerly known as OSTAR and La Transat Anglaise, is a true institution in the world of ocean racing. Since 1960, she has written the history of transatlantic sailing, linking Lorient to New York across the North Atlantic . This event takes place solo, requiring sailors to sail far north to face the Atlantic depressions, thus honoring its reputation as one of the most difficult races. For this edition, around fifteen Class40s, representing the elite of the series, are at the start. Some skippers come to seek their qualification for the Vendée Globe, in the Imoca category, 18m boats, designed for circumnavigations . The course is simple and pure: a starting line in Lorient and a finishing line in New York. However, mariners must remain vigilant and avoid the cetacean zone to prevent collisions with marine animals .

Organized every four years, this race is the oldest of its kind and has contributed to the fame of great sailors like Éric Tabarly. She is often referred to as the "mother of all other" deckchairs . For this edition, it is the first time that the Class40 Qwanza, led by Goulven Marie, has taken the start of this prestigious race. Departure is scheduled for April 28, marking the start of an epic new adventure on the high seas.

Goulven Qwanza Transat CIC
Matthew Marin

Qualification for the Transat CIC

At the end of March, Goulven Marie embarked on qualifying for the Transat CIC in the Mediterranean, a crucial step in preparing for the prestigious transatlantic race. From the first night, a powerful east wind propelled his Class40 offshore, pushing it to the Spanish coast. However, he must be vigilant to avoid a storm forming in front of Marseille. Unfortunately, mechanical problems arose, forcing Goulven to stop at Mataró, near Barcelona, ​​to carry out the necessary repairs. After this forced break, he returned to sea and passed through Ibiza after the third day at sea. The Alicante region gave him a stubborn headwind, forcing him to make a stop in the Denia marina.

The Mediterranean, with its vagaries, then offers a solid southwest wind, much stronger than expected, followed by an almost insignificant northeast breeze, illustrating the contrasts of this capricious sea. The last days of qualification were marked by a lack of wind, giving Goulven the opportunity to tinker to adjust the precision of the “wind” data. Finally, he completed his solo qualification by reaching Cascais, thus marking the end of his Mediterranean journey and the start of his final preparation for the Transat CIC .

On the way back, the Transat Québec Saint Malo

After completing her solo qualification for the Transat CIC, Goulven Marie is turning to a new challenge: the Transat Québec Saint-Malo. The calendar of this race offers ideal timing for sailing the Atlantic upon return from the Transat CIC, at the end of June . For qualification for this second event, Goulven is initially joined by three teammates for the crossing of the Bay of Biscay: Philippe, Stéphane and Matthieu.

However, at the end of this qualification, one of the team members made the decision not to participate in the Transat Québec Saint-Malo. This situation underlines the importance of qualifications, which allow testing the preparation and dynamics of the crew. Goulven will finally be accompanied by the president of Qwanza - a strategy and transformation consulting firm - and a client, both realizing the dream of participating in a transatlantic race.

Goulven Transat CIC
Gregory Cohen
Goulven Transat CIC

The Transat Québec Saint-Malo (TQSM) is the oldest ocean race from west to east, non-stop and crewed . Since 1984, it has taken place every four years from the St. Lawrence River between Quebec and Lévis. Runners encounter currents and tides there, before beginning the crossing of the Atlantic from the north and avoiding icebergs. This year, the Transat will celebrate the 10th edition.

April 28 - Start of the Transat CIC

June 30 - Start of the Transat Québec Saint-Malo

Goulven Marie Transat
Goulven Marie - Transat Jacques Vabre

A busy deckchair schedule

Goulven Marie is preparing for his next transatlantic adventure, although he has not followed any specific training. Its strength lies in the regularity of its navigation, following on from its previous experiences at sea. This Transat Québec Saint-Malo will in fact be its third transatlantic race in just six months , after having participated in the Jacques Vabre in October and returned in December.

For Goulven, recovery is as essential as preparation. It focuses on general physical preparation, combining cycling and climbing to be in the best possible shape . No improvisation for the skipper, he makes sure to be physically ready to face the challenges of the race.

The sequence of solo and crewed deckchairs allows Goulven to vary his navigation exercises. Although solo sailing requires simple race management, Goulven does not have a strong preference between the two formats. He points out that even small crews can feel like a solo race, because there is always someone resting.

Goulven Transat CIC
Christophe Sigaud

In conclusion, Goulven Marie is ready to start the Transat CIC on April 28 , driven by the energy of his team and the confidence acquired during his previous experiences at sea. We wish him good luck and safe and secure navigation. efficient for this transatlantic adventure.

Stay tuned to closely follow this thrilling race and support Goulven in this new stage of his sailing career. By the end of 2024, Goulven will be able to tell us about his adventures in the Atlantic and his new projects at sea.

Goulven Marie

Goulven Marie

Goulven Marie is passionate about sailing, having a long history with the sea, inherited from his Cape Horn ancestors and cultivated from his childhood. His boat, a Class 40 n°98, is a Tyker evolution 2 to a Verdie design, optimized for performance and safety with modern and ergonomic equipment, while being ecologically responsible. A sailing professional and sportsman at heart, Goulven plans to share his passion by allowing amateurs to experience offshore racing aboard his Class 40 and to participate in prestigious races such as the Jacques Vabre. in October 2023.