The toad's slime does not reach the white ptarmigan!

Written by: Christophe Cordonnier



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What if we explained to you the real reason why we don't do Black Friday?

For the values ​​that we defend because today is a commercial madness with strong ecological consequences. Tons of products are sold off and shipped, creating a windfall effect and exploiting the feeling of a good deal. But this is not done at a loss: there are even a lot of profits for the brands (selling at a loss is prohibited outside sales periods), thanks in particular to manufacturing in Asia. On the other hand, the loss is collective and environmental.

We do not participate in Black Friday simply because our manufacturing method does not allow us to do so and we offer you the right price all year round.

➡ Our manufacturing costs are based on European standards and not on Asian standards: our margins do not allow us to sell at knockdown prices without losing money.

➡ Our collections are renewed from one year to the next and do not experience obsolescence. So we don't need to destock.

When you buy a jacket or pants, you decide how your money will be distributed by the company you are paying for. And how your money will be distributed among everyone who participated in its manufacture, from the wire to the final delivery. And until you pay, there is nothing to distribute.

Photo: 📷 Clement von der Weid