Philippe Garcia - Wildlife photographer

Professional photographer in the nature world, I am the author of around ten books on shooting techniques and digital cameras. I had the chance to exhibit my nature images in the most prestigious nature photo festivals: Montier-en-Der or Namur to name only the most famous. They also gave birth to three beautiful books on Icelandic nature:​
- Melrakki, the first monograph on the polar fox.
- Iceland Breaths of Life, a very complete photographic inventory of Icelandic nature.
- Monday, a beautiful book on the Icelandic puffin.
I also collaborate with biologists from the Icelandic Nature Institute and participate in monitoring animals in the Westfjords, in order to put my field experience to the protection of these fragile species.
When I saw the first Lagoped jacket, I was immediately intrigued by the choice of name and logo, because the Ptarmigan is an animal that fascinates me with its ability to survive in extreme mountain conditions. I immediately consulted the website, and discovered that the brand also shared my ecological convictions, both in terms of responsible manufacturing and the search for durability which will also allow the products to live for a long time in a hostile environment. , like the Ptarmigan.