Kevin Fuentes – Hiker

My name is Kevin Fuentes. I am from Var. My childhood can be summed up by superb trips and road trips in a motorhome with my parents and my two brothers all over France and in border countries. In 2016, I completed a 3,600 kilometer Tour de France for 4 months, without money and sleeping with locals, in order to make my first real trip as a young adventurer. My goal was to break many preconceived ideas and prejudices about the French and to learn more about the very varied landscapes of my country. It was an immensely rich experience both on a sporting level and on a human level: having no money allowed me to naturally meet hundreds of strangers who welcomed me every day like a son, a brother or friend. Without a tent, without a sleeping bag or even a survival blanket. Thanks to the daily encounters on the road: I have never slept outside. 3,600 km run. 8 kilos lost. My heart is full of new encounters. Without organization. Without itinerary. Alone. At 21 years old.