Jeanne Fauquenot - Hiker

I have always loved travel, and I have wandered a lot in the four
corners of the world. In 2019, I realized that I no longer wanted
thus consuming my life and the world. I started walking, far, long and alone. Then it became a way of life. Following the first 2,100 kilometers to Santiago de Compostela, I am doing 2,300 km on the Breton coast in 2020, then 2,800 km from Dunkirk to Menton: the France Est Trail.

Cut yourself off from the frenzy of everyday life, travel sustainably, try to be as independent as possible; These are my life goals. No more renting a car when you get off the plane, no more public transport to “discover” a country in 10 days. The excessive consumption of leisure under
The pretext that you have to “see everything” no longer appeals to me. I want to take the time to
discover a country, by meeting its inhabitants, surveying its landscapes and unearthing its secrets. And this, as respectfully as possible of our

Long-distance hiking means walking every day, it means being able to
resilience, stubbornness and strength of character to revel in moments
unique. While these experiences are real sources of inspiration for everyone, women do not dare. This is why I have my place in this sporting landscape. Show that women are just as capable as men of doing this.

Push my physical limits, discover landscapes, people,
cultures, their heritage and their way of life thrill me. Give visibility to women, their freedom of action and another equitable way of life. Allow young people to discover a sporting activity, slow, long-term, more natural and independent. These are my goals.

After more than 7,000 km on foot; I would like to go from my home (in central France) to Portugal. I crossed the Vosges, the Jura and the Alps; to me the central massif, the Cévennes, the Pyrenees and the Spanish coasts and
Portuguese. Not far from 4,000 km, on foot, but not alone. I would be pregnant this time. The adventure does not stop at my simple condition as a woman, I will demonstrate that carrying life is not an illness and that we are not more
weak, but much stronger, than public opinion suggests.
As with the France Est Trail, the general idea of ​​the path is to join two points, but the path will take shape as I meet people and they give me advice on the routes to follow.

In broad terms, I would like to leave, at the beginning of May 2022, from my home in Indre (36) via the central massif before arriving at Puy en Velay. From there, I would go down the Stevenson path to Alès where I would head
to Perpignan. Then the GR 10 awaits me (the crossing of the Pyrenees) to arrive in Hendaye. This is where I will take the Camino del Norte to Gijon, then continue along the Spanish coast to the Portuguese border and continue my path along the coast to Porto or Huelva.

Walking is for me the most natural way to move around and experience a country. What's more, its impact on the landscape is limited and contact with local populations is all the more human.
Aware that few consumers are introduced to this mode of discovery, lucid about the possibility of the greatest number of people traveling in this way; I walk for all these people who are prevented. But also so that we become aware of how lucky we are to live on earth and the importance of paying attention to it. Thanks to local and reasoned consumption, a mode of travel more respectful of nature and the use of natural products, I wish, in turn, to make a gesture for our planet. And arouse the interest of as many people as possible in a different type of consumption.

The Inuit say that our actions have an impact on seven generations. It is time to act so that the next people have the chance to see the snow-covered North Pole and elephants walking in the savannah.